The Law on Sales – Quiz by Atty Glenn Mangaoil



1.a. What is a Contract of Sale?

1.b. Distinguish Absolute Sale from a Conditional Sale.

1.c. Distinguish Sale fromm a Contract of Agency to Sell.

2. What are the rules to follow in case the consideration agreed upon in a contract of sale consists of money and property?

3. What happens to a unilateral promise to sell if not withdrawn by the offeror before acceptance?

4. Juan purchased a car from Toyota Alabang on installment basis. As security for the payment of his obligation, Juan executed a chattel mortgage over the Toyota Trius and another car belonging to him, a BMW Speedster. Juan failed to pay his obligation on the 4th month from date of purchase, hence Toyota Alabang foreclosed the BMW. Was the remedy taken by Toyota proper? Why? Why not?

5. Juan sold to Pedro a particular parcel of land covered by TCT #12345 situated in Makati City for a consideration of Php 1.2 million pesos. No formal contract was executed between them. It waws agreed though that payment is to be made five months from July 4, 2008. Pedro immediately started building a two-storey house therein. At the end of the term agreed upon, Pedro refused to pay the consideration agreen upon contending that the contract that they have entered into was unenforceable as it violates the provision on Statute of Frauds. Is Pedro’s contention correct?

6. Juan and Juanita got married in 2000. In 2003, they entered into a contract of sale over a one hectare agricultural land where Juan is the registered owner and sol the same to Juanita. Joan, an ex-girlfriend of Juan lent money to him 2005. Can Joan question the validity of the sale between the spouses? Why? Why not?


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    • the one who caused the damage is liable, regardless if there is perfection or meeting of the minds and before the delivery. Art. 1170 of the New Civil Code is the best basis for this

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