Quiz on Election Laws by Atty Sherdale Valdez

Election Laws

Election Laws

  1. The COMELEC promulgated a resolution requiring all newspapers to give “free print space” within their area of publication known as “COMELEC Space” to enable the candidates to make their qualifications and other information relative to the candidates. Is such a resolution valid?
  2. The Chairman of COMELEC resigned because of poor health which resignation was duly accepted by the President who designated Matulis, a newly designated Commissioner, as Acting Chairman pending the appointment of a permanent Chairman. Is the designation valid?
  3. The COMELEC promulgated Resolution No. 2347 pursuant to the Omnibus Election Code (BP 881). The Resolution, among others, prohibits the “posting of decals and stickers in designated mobile places like cars and other moving vehicles except in common poster areas.” A senatorial candidate challenged the said resolution alleging that it infringes on the freedom of expression. Decide.

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