Public International Law – MIDTERM EXAM

Public International Law

Public International Law

  1. How can States and Private individuals observe Public International Law?
  2. What is the Nuremberg Judgement?
  3. Enumerate the elements or attributes of a state according to the Majority School of Thought and to the Minority View?
  4. Is the Vatican or the Holy See a State? Discuss.
  5. Name the five (5) fundamental rights of States. Discuss briefly one of the rights.
  6. Problem: A Mexican woman came to the Philippines and was admitted as transient. It was found a few days later that her passport was forged. Deportation proceedings were then started against her. Ten days later, she married a Filipino. Would she still be subject to deportation? Why?
  7. Extradition.
    1. Define.
    2. May it be demanded as matter of right?
    3. May it be granted in the absence of treaty?
  8. True or false.
  9. Trial of the extradited person can be had only for the offense stated BOTH in the request for extradition and in the treaty of extradition.
  10. There can be no extradition for political or religious offenses.
  11. The crime must have been committed within the territory or jurisdiction of the demanding state.
  12. There ought to be prima facie proof of guilt.
  13. Why is the right of legation or of diplomatic intercourse necessary?
  14. Distinguish: Active and Passive right of legation.
  15. State the causes for the termination of diplomatic mission.

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