Motorcycle Helmet Act, now effective!

Latest Legal News

Latest Legal News

  1. Helmet law campaign nets 31 violators

    Sun.Star-1 hour ago
    R.A. 10054 mandates all motorcycle riders — drivers and back riders — to wear standard protective crash helmets at all times while driving,
  2. LTO-9 implements Helmet Act in Zambo City

    Philippine Information Agency-Jan 2, 2013
    “The city council was given up to December 31, 2012 to come up with an ordinance for the basis for our implementation of RA 10054 in

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  3. LTO to resume no-helmet apprehensions

    Visayan Daily Star-Jan 2, 2013
    “Dealers have the responsibility to secure ICC stickers for their products and it is also mandated in RA 10054 that all helmets manufactured
  4. Helmet Law Enforcement All Set

    Manila Bulletin-Dec 31, 2012
    RA No. 10054 requires all motorcycle riders and back riders to wear standard protective helmets while driving motorcycles whether long or
  5. Motorcycle Helmet Act in full swing January 2013

    Philippine Information Agency-Dec 27, 2012
    RA 10054, he said, will be implemented in full force in the absence of a restraining order and despite the presence of a Court case pending in
  6. DTI fears a surge of helmet validation as deadline nears

    Philippine Information Agency-Dec 22, 2012
    After RA 10054’s implementation has been suspended last August, the DTI said it believes the law would finally be implemented on January 1,
  7. DTI issues final appeal for helmets certification

    Philippine Information Agency-Dec 14, 2012
    RA 10054 mandates that all motorcycle riders and backriders should wear standard protective helmets to protect them from fatal road accidents
  8. DTI reminds motorists of helmet validation deadline

    Philippine Information Agency-Dec 17, 2012
    Under R.A. 10054 or the Motorcycle Helmet Act, all motorcycle riders and back riders are required to wear standard protective helmets while
  9. DTI reminds motorcycle riders in CL of deadline in marking of

    Philippine Information Agency-Dec 10, 2012
    RA 10054 does not cover tricycles and other similar modes of transportation such as pedicab. Based from the law’s Implementing Rules and

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