Philippines Law School Entrance Exam Tips and Sample Questions

Tips in taking Philippines Law School Exam

Tips in taking Philippines Law School Exam

Inside Philippines Law Students Group (PHLSG), one of our members asked the below question and I can’t help but to share my own tips.

Hello everyone! I will take law school entrance exam soon. Any pointers to review? What are the possible essay topics? Thank You!

Pointers to review:

  • Know the law – read the codal, read newspapers, ask who knows about the law.
  • Understand the law – at least, show to the examiner that you have a grasp of what you are about to take.
  • Use the law – and learn how to apply them based on the given question.

You are applying as a law student. Of course, there is no better pointer but to point out that in every corner of the question, there is a law involve. But what if there is not? Remember Article 9 of the New Civil Code of the Philippines.

Possible Questions:

  • What is law? (The most anticipated question! “Law is useless to the poor but useful for the rich.” Just kidding!)
  • Why do you want to become a lawyer? (To become rich, famous and be respected. Be frank but cunning.)
  • Between a poor and rich person, who will you help first? (A tricky question. you need to qualify your answer. My answer: I will help both of them by giving legal advise because it is my duty as a person and to my community)
  • You have witnessed a crime, what will you do? (This is procedural, read Rules of Court, Rule 110 – Prosecution of Offenses)
  • What is Libel? (Just define according to the law, if you do not know, make sure you write the important keywords: imputation, identity, publication & malice)
  • What is the difference between Murder and Homicide? (In Murder, there was a presence of qualifying circumstance as defined in the Revised Penal Code while in homicide, there is none. Then expound further your answer to get full credit.)
  • A person who wants to kill himself jumped at the building but survived upon landing on a car. X, driver of said car died. What is the liability of X, if any. (The most famous case in our courts… Reckless imprudence resulting to homicide. Oops, I gave the answer! Arg! Whatever, you explain now why.)
  • Carla, 4 years old, was kidnapped by Enrique, the tricycle driver paid by herparents to bring and fetch her to and from school. Enrique wrote a ransom notedemanding P500,000.00 from Carla’s parents in exchange for Carla’s freedom.Enrique sent the ransom note by mail. However, before the ransom note was receivedby Carla’s parents, Enrique’s hideout was discovered by the police. Carla wasrescued while Enrique was arrested and incarcerated. Considering that the ransomnote was not received by Carla’s parents, the investigating prosecutor merelyfiled a case of “Impossible Crime to Commit Kidnapping” against Enrique. Is theprosecutor correct? Why? (3%)
    • SUGGESTED ANSWER:No, the prosecutor is not correct in filing a case for “impossible crime to commitkidnapping” against Enrique. Impossible crimes are limited only to acts which whenperformed would be a crime against persons or property. As kidnapping is a crimeagainst personal security and not against persons or property, Enrique could nothave incurred an “impossible crime” to commit kidnapping. There is thus noimpossible crime of kidnapping. (review bar questions with answers if you have time. But I doubt that they will give you this kind of question since you are only about to enter law school.
  • To determine the existence of employer-employee relationship, the following elements must be present, except one (Watch out for multiple questions as well)
    • A: Power to Select / B: Power to Hire / C: Power to Dismiss / D: Power to Control (Answer is B, the law used selection though hire is also a relative term.)

Expect the unexpected. Now, stop reading this and try to review. There are lots of reviewers to get you started so… good luck and see you in law school!

— wait! If you have a question in mind or personal experience in taking law school entrance exam, feel free to add them in the comments section below. Ciao!


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