WANTED: Contributors!

Want to lend a hand?

Want to lend a hand?

LEGAL NOTES constantly needs a pool of writers who wants to help us in our little project. Kindly refer to the following bullets below for some qualifications we are seeking:

  • Must have WordPress account already. (visit WordPress.com to register!)
  • Must know how to use Word Processor or WordPress itself (this is a blog site after all)
  • Whether you are PRO or ANTI in our government, it does not matter! (make sure what you type has 90% legal sense)
  • Journalists, Public Servants, Law Students, Professors, Lawyers, Judges are most welcome to apply! (collaborative blogging is more fun that setting up your own turf– it’s true!)

If you want to help and collaborate with us, post your email address below so we can send you an invitation! (free virtual cookies and coffee are included!)


22 responses to “WANTED: Contributors!

  1. Are you a Lawyer? A Law graduate? Or a Law student? Practice your skills!

    UNTV, a public service channel, is looking for a go getting and enthusiastic MEDIA PARTNERS to cover the 2016 Philippine National Election. We need an intrepid journalist who knows a thing or two about the Philippine political system – a journalist with no left-right agenda and is beholden only to good juicy stories that will be of interest to our TV audiences. This person must be self-motivated, self-directed and thrive on digging up extra information and being first to break a story. Strong writing and social media savvy are a must.

    Interested applicants may submit their resumes to aranas.mara@untvweb.com. Apply now! 🙂

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